Let your site visitors to contact you easier!

Marketers knows that very well, 80% of customers search for the contact page / contact forms before they purchase!

If You're Getting Visitors To Your Site But No Sales, it can be because some of your potential customers are not able to find yourr contact pages, forms enough easily.

Contact Us Premium gives you ability to solve this issue!

  1. Add contact buttons of well know socila media and communications channels like :

    Facebook Messenger
    Viber and Skype

  2. Add email us button, visitors can send an email via their default email sender

  3. Add a button, that links directly to your contact us page!

  4. Collect Call Back Request with name and phone number of visitors!
    Manage Call Back Requests via Administrator area of Contact Us Premium Component!


Contact Us Premium will add a value to your website!

Editable reactions text, you can translate / change the reactions easily via language files. In the same time you can show or hide message to visitor about the reaction.

Contact Us Premium Button Position

You can show plugin at the top or bottom of your content. 

Component to manage call back requests!

Component shows for each call back request( if there is a reaction already )

  1. IP Adress
  2. Date of Submission
  3. Name ( If you request )
  4. Phone Number
  5. Processed or Not ( an option that helps you tracking the situation, if yoı cared the customer you can set it as processed )
  6. Custom Notes - You can take notes for each request!