Ease your development! Do not waste your time to prepare the files several times!

Developing a Joomla Module can be painful if you are preparing the same files everytime! As a developer, you do not want to spend your time by creating the folders, language files, subforms, xml files!

Here comes the solution! Joomla Module Builder will be your best tool when you are developing Joomla Modules!


General Configuration

You can set up your default information at general configuration. When you do that you do not need to write the default values always.
Easy Configuration - Setup your defaults

Module Basics

At this part, you can write all required information about your module. General configuration settings comes to this part autmatically
You do not need to write everytime the defaults!

Module Languages

You can create as much as languages for the module. All language folders will be created automatically with well-written language files. Language files will have all field title and descriptions automatically.
Create as much as languages you need for the project

Module Fieldsets

You can create as much as fieldsets for the module. Fieldsets will help the module users to manage the module easier.
Create as much as Fieldsets for the project

Module Fields

You can create as much as fields for the module.
Create as much as Fields for the project

Build Module

After completion you can build the module
Build Module after completion

re-Build Module

You can change module anytime and re-build it.
Re-Build Module when you make any updates

Manage Versions and Zip the Module

You can change the versions of your module, delete, zip and download anytime.
Manage Versions, build installable pack and download