Ease the communication with your customers by embedding a click-to-chat WhatsApp extension on your Joomla! website.

WhatsApp Premium gives you ability to set up WhatsApp buttons in several different ways.

Below you can see how to set up inside your content!

Below is another sample, you can change :

  1. Colors - Background and Font Color )
  2. Text - ( Title, Names )
  3. Button Text
  4. Images
  5. Border radius
  6. Paddings

by module back-end!

Below is another example with custom image and customize chat button  message,

you can personalize the chat button with your image and messages!

You can also show an offline button with custom message and link to any page you desired.


WhatsApp Premium as Fixed Position with multiple accounts

Please see the bottom right corner of this page! 

You can add as much as account to the module.

You can change: 

  1. Button text
  2. Button color
  3. Background colors
  4. Account texts
  5. Account images easily via module back-end!