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Joomla Module Builder Features

Joomla Module Builder is a great component to create Joomla modules in minutes & to manage the development projects!

 Easy to Configuration & UseComponent is very easy to configure and use! There is a user guide to help you at each step! In the same time we provide a great support to help you at each step! Focus on Development! Not on to time consuming tasks!Do not spend several hours to prepare File Structure, Language Files, Language Strings, Manifest File, Subform files!
Save your time! MoBuilder will do them for you' You just focus on development!
 Developed by Joomla Extension Developers!We know how boring and time consuming it is to prepare the same folder, files, language strings! We know the requirements of JED and how to place the right code in the right place of the files without any mistake! XML File Ready with all required fields!Get your xml file ready with all JED required fields!  Language files with strings ready!Language files are ready with field label and description strings! Ready to install!Complete your project via MoBuilder! Build! Create zip and it is ready to download and install to a new development interface! Multiple Modules in one place!Create and manage your Joomla Module Projects at one place! Admin or Site ModuleYou can create Joomla Administrator Modules or Joomla Front-end Modules Version per Module!Create multiple versions of each module you are developing! Manage VersionsYou can add or delete any version easily at project back-end Well-formed directory structureModules are created with a well-formed directory structure. You can find each file and folders easily! Default Style file addedDefault style file for the module styles : style.css is added in to the assets/css folder Default Javascript file addedDefault style file for the module javascript events, javascript.js: is added in to the assets/js folder Well-formed codeWhen you build a module all files are well-formed and comments are prepared automatically! You can find every code piece in the files easily! Automatcally Created Language FilesLanguages files for the field tile and descriptions are automatically created. You do not need to spend hours for language strings! Multiple LanguagesYou can add multiple languages per module project Fields ready to selectWhen you create a new field, just select the field type and it will be created in the module manifest file automatically. Multiple FieldsetsYou can add multiple fieldsets per module project. This helps your users to configure the module you developed easily. Subforms - Repetable FieldsYou can add repetable fields, as known as Subforms easily. Multiple subformsYou can create unique subform type fields as much as you want! Each time when you create a new subform type fields, its xml file will be created in assets/subforms folder with a unique name

You can view below all version changes / updates for Module Builder.

Released on : 24 December 2018, Monday
Latest updated on : 11 April 2019, Thursday

Current Version : 1.0.5

Change Log
Integer field added
Number Field added
Category Field added
Spacer field added
Single User Select Field added
Easy Navigation for configuration fields.
Date Created Field updated.
Subforms added.
Custom Fields folder Added
the first release of Joomla Module Builder Component - MoBuilder


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