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Opencart Flipbook Features

Show your pdf files and images as a smoothly opening, 3D Flipbooks on your opencart websites easily with Opencart Flipbook Premium

 100% ResponsiveOpencart Flipbook Module works in wide range of devices from big screen desktop to compact phones.  3D Effect3D Effect will help you creating more realisti flipbooks on your Opencart website. 5 Different Flipbook Theme OptionsYou can choose one of the most fitting theme option for your website / page from the flipbook theme options. You can view all this options at demo.  PDF File to FlipbookYou can convert any PDF file to fast loading, 100% responsive, smoothly working, 3D Flipbook! Images to FlipbookYou can show images from a folder as a flipbook easily. All you need to do is selecting images as theme and writing the folder path. Opencart Flipbook Extension will make the rest for you. Multiple Flipbooks as Catalogue ViewDo you have multiple PDF Files? You can show all of them as a flipbook. Select Catalogue as theme and add as much as pdf files in to your catalogue view. Buttons as Flipbook TriggersYou can add a button at any module position or in your content to open a flipbook Text Links as Flipbook TriggersYou can add a text link at any module position or in your content to open a flipbook Sound EffectsYou can enable or disable sound effect for page turns. There are 3 different sound files as defauşt which you can choose. You can also add another sound file easily. Left to Right (LTR) or Right to Left (RTL)Do you have a Right to Left website? You can easily switch flipbook direction from LTR to RTL with one click at extension back-end. Custom HeightIn case you need to change flipbook height, just add your preferred size at extension back-end and that is it! Scroll Wheel OptionLet your site visitors zoom in and out by using the scroll wheel of their mouse! Download PDF File or not!You can let visitors to download the pdf files they view or you can simply disable this option and they can not download. Transparent BackgroundYou can set the flipbook container background transparent. Flipbook will fit your website design 100% Links to Flipbook PagesYou can create page links and share. Link redirects exactly to the page you desired. This helps to find the page easily or share an exact page on social media, especially for linking for flipbooks with multiple pages. Easy to Install and ConfigurationOpencart Flipbook will come as a ready to install pack with default parameters. You can install and simply configure each parameter easily. Well-defined parametersEach extension parameter is well-defined. You can simply roll your mouse over the extension parameter and an information will shown. User Guide and SupportUser Guide is ready and you can ask any question to use via support section

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Released on : 26 November 2018, Monday
Latest updated on : 11 April 2019, Thursday

Current Version : 1.0.2

Version 1.0.0 is the first release of Flipbook Premium

Change Log
Buttons Theme added
Links Theme Added.

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