User Guides & Documentation

There is a documentation and user guide for each extension you purchase from Marvel Extensions.
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Extension Current Version Last Updated on  
  WhatsApp Premium 1.0.3 12-Dec-2018, Wednesday    View User Guide
  Joomla Reaction Buttons 1.0.1 26-Nov-2018, Monday    View User Guide
  K2 Reaction Buttons 1.0.1 27-Nov-2018, Tuesday    View User Guide
  Instagram Feed Premium 1.0.3 28-Nov-2018, Wednesday    View User Guide
  Contact Us Premium 1.0.2 29-Nov-2018, Thursday    View User Guide
  Flipbook Premium 1.0.3 18-Jan-2019, Friday    View User Guide
  Video Player Premium 1.0.1 08-Dec-2018, Saturday    View User Guide
  Music Player Premium 1.0.1 08-Dec-2018, Saturday    View User Guide
  Joomla Lucky Wheel 1.0.1 14-Dec-2018, Friday    View User Guide
  Joomla Module Builder 1.0.5 08-Jan-2019, Tuesday    View User Guide
  Joomla Notifier Premium 1.0.1 12-Mar-2019, Tuesday    View User Guide
  Joomla Promotion Countdown 1.0.2 06-May-2019, Monday    View User Guide
  Joomla Page Speed Analyze 1.0.0 22-Jun-2019, Saturday    View User Guide
  Joomla Facebook Events Calendar 1.0.0 22-Mar-2020, Sunday    View User Guide