Flipbook Premium - Documentation & User Guide

Flipbook Premium is an easy to use extension.
Below you will find general information and frequently asked questions. These will make it easier for you to use the extension..
If you can't find the answer to your question here, please create a support ticket.

This documentation:
Created on : 26 November 2018, Monday
Last updated on : 18 January 2019, Friday
Current Version : 1.0.3
If you haven't downloaded this extension yet, click the link for more information and features. Joomla Flipbook.

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Type : Module
Compatibility : Joomla 3.x.x
You can download the extension immediately after purchase. During your subscription period, after logging in with your username and password, you can download the latest version of extension via the download board.

You will download UnzipFirst_FlipbookPremium.zip package. This is not installation package.

You must unzip UnzipFirst_FlipbookPremium.zip package.

This package has 1 module

When you unzip the package you will get 1 file : 

  1. mod_flipbookpremium.zip - Flipbook Module to use at your Joomla site

Please Unzip First the package UnzipFirst_FlipbookPremium.zip

Inside the package you will see the extension mod_flipbookpremium.zip

Install the extension via Joomla Installer at Joomla Administrator area. Installer can be found at administrator/index.php?option=com_installer

After successful installation you will get a success message.  Now the module is available to use.  You can find the module at Module Manager. ( administrator/index.php?option=com_modules )

At module manager make a search for module title : Flipbook Premium

Click on to the module title and open the module. You will see that the module is installed with default values.

After successful installation go to Module Manager. Module Manager can be found at administrator/index.php?option=com_modules

Search for Flipbook Premium

Click on to the title of the module title. Now you are at module back-end. All module parameters are with default values and ready to publish.

You can publish the module like any other Joomla Module even with default settings. 

All extension parameters are easy to manage with tabs and well-explained.

This extension has 4 main tabs :

  1. Basics : to make the basic configuration of the module, e.g. selecting a theme
  2. Sounds : for the sound configuration
  3. Theme :  for the configuration of the selected theme
  4. Labels : for the button labels / titles

You will find parameters under every tab to configure the extension. 

When you need information about a parameter, all you need to do is rolling your mouse over the parameter title. A info window will show parameter title and a short description about parameter.

Sometimes, when it is necessary we add notes before the parameter to make it more clear for users.

Go to Basic Settings tab, 2nd parameter is the Theme.

There are 5 different theme options.

Select one of the best fitting for your case.

Now selected theme parameters are visible and ready to configure at tab Theme.

After selecting a theme now its parameters for the configuration is visible at tab : Theme.

Click on the tab title and start to configuration.

Do you have a Right to Left website? No problem!

You can easily set your flipbook direction to RTL.

Go to Basics tab. find the 4th parameter : Page Direction

Select Right to Left and save the module! You can switch to the LTR from same parameter as well.

When you are using the Flipbook for single pdf or as a photo flipping book you may need to configure the container height for a better visibility.

You can set the Container Height under the Basic tab.  Find the parameter : Height

Now you can write the best fitting number. Please note, you must write just a numeric value, e.g. 400

You can enable or disable the sound effects for page turns.

There are 3 different sound files already coming with extension.

Alternatively you can use your own page turn sound effects. 

For uploading a new file : open modules/mod_flipbookpremium/assets/sound folder and upload your sound file.

Now it will be visible at Select Sound File parameters option.

After selecting your Theme ( except images as flipbook ) at section theme, there is a parameter to enable and / or disable the PDF file.

You can simply set it to NO if you do not want the visitor download your PDF files.